The Streamer Hub

The Streamer Hub

Please Note: The Streamer Hub currently only supports PC GAMES!

In Association With "Let's Do This Streamers!"

We are very proud to be working in association with the incredible Discord community that is Let’s Do This Streamers! With over 11,000 members, they are one of the largest, most active communities for streamers. You can now find our Streamer Hub channel on their Discord server!

About Let's Do This Streamers

Our Discord server offers a tremendous opportunity for networking, self promotion, education, and fun community events.

What sets us apart from other streaming groups is how we help you grow. We do not encourage ‘empty’ engagement like follow for follow or lurk for lurk. We want our community members engaged with their fellow streamers on their own terms, where they give value to each other and give back as much as they receive.

With our community the more active you are the more opportunity you have. We pledge to listen to our members’ needs and act accordingly

- Let's Do This Streamers

What's In It For You?

What's In It For You?

By helping indie game developers and publishers get exposure for new games, you also reap the rewards as a streamer. Here’s how you benefit: –

  • Audience Growth

    Developers & publishers you collaborate with will promote your stream to their audience, and organically grow your audience.

  • Raise Your Profile

    By collaborating with Chasing XP and developers/publishers, you will raise your profile as a professional streamer.

  • Stay Current

    Find & keep new followers, and stay current with some of the latest and best indie games available on Steam and

  • Stand Out

    It's simple: unique streamers succeed. By collaborating on new & exciting indie games, you'll always be ahead of other streamers.


Current Streamer Hub Stats


Updated May 11th 2021

How It Works

The Process

Our process is quick and simple; built with the help of streamers and developers from the ground up: –

The Games

We’ve worked with some of the most exciting publishers and developers on Steam & Itch.
We build strong relationships with partners so you get access to the best titles before, during and after release. Check out our platforms here.

Chasing XP Mascot

Got Exposure?

Got Exposure?

We work hard to make sure the developers and publishers give you the exposure your streams need. Besides this, Chasing XP will ensure your Tweet is publicized on social media, Kickstarter, YouTube, Reddit and beyond.

Bringing new followers and audiences to your stream is extremely important in growing the Streamer Hub, and the Developer Marketing Hub we have created.

We are 100% committed to helping both developers and streamers reach their goals. 


Currently, PC games are the only platform we support.

We accept streamers of all sizes. We don’t mind if you have 5 followers or 5000.

We don’t just distribute keys.

Unlike some of the competitor services out there, we truly do offer a one-to-one collaboration with our developers to understand their needs. We ensure they are able to interact with the players & streamers, and communicate almost daily with developers who don’t necessarily have any marketing experience.

This principle is what the Streamer Hub was built on.

Indie developers are often struggling to get exposure – even when they work with key distributors. We aimed to be different, and so far every developer has agreed that we are providing a service they cannot get anywhere else.

Right after we approve your account!

Sorry, no.

We also have an approval process to ensure only legitimate streamers join our platform. Please do not register more than once.

We work with developers who create games in a variety of genres such as action, adventure, RPG, platformer, shooter, puzzle etc. etc. Please only register if you are interested in streaming more than one genre. This will ensure you have a wider choice of games available!

If you have any questions before you get started, please contact us using this form. Thanks!