In Pre-Launch: The Developer Marketing Hub

We are so excited to announce two brand new services from us here at Chasing XP. We’ve been working at these for a few weeks now and we are finally ready to share it with you!

We are currently in pre-launch and we are accepting registrations right now!

The Developer Marketing Hub

One of the biggest things we’ve learned from the numerous devs we’ve spoken to is that marketing is biggest hurdle for an indie developer.

Whether it is properly demonstrating your product, finding the audience for it, or just getting it out there and growing interest in your game. All of these aspects and more can be difficult challenges for small indie teams or solo developers who can barely find the time to tweet and promote their game, let alone get it in the hands of reviewers and Twitch streamers, or running ads.

We want to work with developers to help make their projects shine – whether it’s getting fresh, unfiltered feedback from streamers, expressing their passion through our podcast, or raising their profile alongside fellow developers on our Roundtable series.

Tailor-made Marketing Packages

We’re offering tailor-made packages for each and every developer that we work with, to find out what works best for them.

Publishers can also take advantage of our service, and streamline their marketing endeavours. By tapping into our resources, publishers can reach a large number of streamers in record time, and enhance their client’s public profile in record time.

Right now, the Developer Marketing Hub is FREE for all developers and publishers!

The Chasing XP Streamer Hub!

One of the best ways for developers to get eyes on their game is through Twitch and other streaming services. Whether they provide unfiltered critique, discovering bugs, or showing how great a game is, streamers offer fantastic insight.

If you’re a streamer you don’t want to buy every single game that catches your eye. Nor do you want to go chasing license keys from hundreds of developers. You want to focus on maintaining viewership, engaging with your audience, and keeping content from getting stale.

Collaborate & Grow

With that in mind, we’re offering streamers the chance to team up with developers to play the latest indie titles for free, as well as exposing your stream to new audiences.

Streamers that sign up can request license keys for brand new indie titles, promote and grow their audience by partnering with developers, as well as staying ahead of the game with new and unique games to play.

And it doesn’t matter how big your stream is! Whether you have 5 average views or 500 average views, you can still take part.

We are absolutely thrilled to offer these new services, and we can only wait to see what you guys come up with.

Oh, wait… one more thing!

The Developer Hub Discord

Wanna join the conversation? You can join our Discord and stay up to date with us, as well as be the first to know about news and events with Chasing XP.

Jeff Nabors

Jeff is an established writer and self-proclaimed “internet person”, known for his Twitch streams and various creative endeavors. He joined the Chasing XP team as Media Director to launch the Chasing XP podcast, as well as to kill any free time he had. When Jeff isn’t busy working, you can probably find him elbow deep in tabletop games or attempting to clear his Steam backlog.

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The Podcast is Back!

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The Podcast is Back!

The Bonus Stage teaser is live! Our first episode will be out in a couple of days. You can check us out on any podcast service you use, as well as Youtube!



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