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Your Peek Behind the Screen

ChasingXP was born from the idea of getting a glimpse beyond completing a video game. We wanted to talk about why we enjoyed these games, how they were created and why they’re so memorable.

Starting in 2020 with the creation of our site and podcast, we’ve grown and tried a lot of new things, and we’re excited to have you with us!

Our Authors & Contributors

Jeff Nabors - All Around Cool Guy™

Jeff’s been around the block a few times. When he isn’t streaming on Twitch, you can find him running the day-to-day for Chasing XP, or just playing games. He likes to write about video games, internet culture, and tabletop RPGs

Mark Byrne & Scott Robson

We promise these are real people.

Mark & Scott are the original co-founders and Senior Editors for Chasing XP. Both are huge fans of indie games, and started the blogs to provide a platform for developers. Their shared goal is to provide a platform that enables indie game developers to share their games with the world and cover some of the biggest & best games being played by fans.

Stephen Daughton - Head of Games

Stephen loves sharing his opinion on anything and finally found someone willing to listen in ChasingXP. A History teacher and researcher by trade he lives on telling stories and has one for almost any situation; listen long enough and he will inevitably tell you why he is the heir to the throne of France. In the spare time he steals from Khronos he tries to persuade his children of the merits of Heavy Metal and 2000AD.

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